Are you tackling a TV wall mounting project soon? Perhaps you’ve gotten all of your materials ready and are looking for ways to decorate a TV wall once the TV is mounted. In this post, we’re going to take a look at five nifty TV wall design ideas that will help you get your TV wall decor vibe flowing. Use these ideas or come up with something totally different!

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The Fun Part: TV Wall Design and TV Wall Decor

Your TV is mounted and all hooked up! Great job!

You could stop here and enjoy your handiwork, but why stop when you can elevate the space even more with a little bit of decor and interior design? Here are five TV wall design ideas to help you decorate a TV wall in your home:

The Gallery TV Wall Design

When your TV is off, you may want some visual interest to surround a plain, black screen. Some homeowners choose to leave their TV on, rotating through a collection of Google or Amazon photos. However, we can reduce the energy requirements drastically by simply displaying our photos in a physical form!

For this look, you’ll need some nice floating shelves, preferably with lip edges, that either contrast starkly with or blend in with your wall color. The choice is up to you: how much do you want the shelf itself to stand out? After installing your shelves, place canvas prints, framed prints, or free-standing photos on the shelves.

Install a Backdrop as TV Wall Decor

Now, granted, this step will need to be done before you hang your TV; however, this can be a great way to create visual contrast, texture, and intrigue on your TV wall. Textures like marble, wallpaper, shiplap, pine board, and other interesting things can be used in this manner.

Add Greenery to Decorate a TV Wall

Plants and eclectic pots are especially beautiful when set up against a plain white wall; many people think white is boring, but it’s really just a large canvas for your interior design. Consider hanging plants, floor plants, small indoor trees, or perhaps a small cactus collection on some floating shelves!

The “Built-In” Tv Wall Design

This one is pretty standard across homes in America, and it’s actually a much easier look to achieve than you might realize. If you have access to 1” by 6’ boards, a tape measure, a saw, a sander, a drill, and some paint, you can create your own built-in. Paint your built-in a high-contrasting color for visual effect, then secure it to your wall around your TV!

Go Minimal in Your TV Wall Decor

There’s no reason you can’t go minimalistic, either. If you love simple design techniques, it might be in your best interest to find a select few decorations that have conservative shapes and textures. Minimalism works best with white and only one or two accent colors that do not clash with white. Select furniture that is neutral and adds pops of muted colors throughout your room and your TV wall.

Remember to Keep it Coherent as You Decorate a TV Wall

The most important thing is to have the TV wall decor match the rest of your room. If you aren’t quite ready for a full-room makeover, simply match what you already have going on! Regardless of what you choose to do, your space will be functional and see lots of use.

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