Home automation gadgets have become increasingly affordable. From full home automation to individual home systems you can control remotely from your smartphone, notebook or any computer. As excited as you are to enjoy the comfort and convenience of remote control, improved energy efficiency, and improved security—there are a few things you should consider before you invest in your next round of automated gadgets for your Atlanta home.

What Else Needs To Be Purchased Or Installed?
First up, you need to know if the item you have purchased is designed to work solo or if it is part of a larger system. Once that question is answered, what else do you need to install it? For example, are your new speakers smart and wireless or will they require strategic surround sound installation?

Is It Compatible With Your Current Technology?
Next up you must consider if your current software, smartphone, and applications are supported with your new purchase. For example, does it support both Android and iOS? Does it support multiroom expansion options? Is it mobile or will it remain installed in your home when you move? Can it be installed in your rental unit?

Is It The Most Current Generation?
You might not need the most current generation, but if you are going to invest why not? At the very least take an in-depth look at the differences between generations, and also when the next generation product is slated to be released. For example, as of 2018 voice recognition is a smart gadget standard for many products.

If you are upgrading your at-home or in-office entertainment or presentation center, reach out to the team at Telly Wall Install today. We can help you determine the most strategic approach to installation and even advise on the pros and cons of some of the products you have to choose from.