As home audio visual equipment continues to improve and the selection of in-theater, just released, and current season streaming expands—comes a growing desire for a theater-worthy at-home experience. Here are a few things to consider in terms of home theater installation. When you are finished you will have the perfect place to host movie-viewing parties at home!

Everything Looks Better On A Big Screen
Have you ever streamed a movie that you loved in the theater, but it wasn’t the same when you watched it on your flat screen at home? Some movies are just better on a wall-sized screen. Once gladly displayed for their size, monster-sized flat screens are now an eyesore. Not to mention, the larger they are the heavier. So why not get an HD projector to watch films and TV shows at home? You can even find 3D home theater equipment!

Don’t Forget The Surround Sound
Another thing that makes watching movies in the theater more memorable is the surround sound that you can hear and feel. With just a few strategically-placed speakers, you can enjoy the same sound quality at home. You will need to invest in a bit of soundproofing, which is why most home theaters have no windows.

Perfect For The Dark Rooms In Your Home
Do you have an unfinished basement, attic or guest bedroom that has little to no light? Perfect! Why not transform it into a fully-functioning home theater? In large or dual-purpose spaces, such as a garage—you may need to invest in a bit of construction first, such as putting up a wall or two. When it comes to the full set up, don’t go it alone.

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