A growing number of Atlanta home and business owners are increasing their number of security cameras, or adding entirely new surveillance systems to their property. This increase has less to do with crime rates, and more to do with peace of mind. At Telly Wall Install, we specialize in installation of security cameras and surveillance systems—and are always here to help!

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has benefits for home and business owners alike. It allows for constant connection, improved communication, and increased efficiency. It even allows you to remotely manage multiple aspects of your home or business—from lights and electronics, to viewing your security video feeds.

Proper Placement Is Key

When you decided to add new, or add more, surveillance cameras to your property—proper placement is key. While there are areas that are naturally most effective, such as exit and entry ways, installation of your surveillance system must be well thought-out. The goal is to eliminate blind spots in key areas, and to balance discrete placement—with intentionally visible placement. We can help you to work this out.

Your Wiring And Cable Experts

The last thing you want when you have security cameras installed, are unsightly wires and cables running along your walls or building exterior. You also don’t want to be limited as to where your cameras can be placed, which means that professional wiring is almost always required.

At Telly Wall Install, we do more than ensure proper placement, but we rewire and reroute wiring as needed. Not only will this keep your wires as out of sight as possible, but is essential for protecting your wires from external disturbance. For outdoor cameras, we use cables that can hold up to the Atlanta weather.

Indoor Security Cameras For Homeowners

One of the fastest growing trends in home security, is an increase in installation of indoor security cameras. Since footage can easily be viewed remotely, homeowners aren’t just installing cameras as a proactive approach to burglary. Instead, the desire for cameras is part of a layered security system.

  • Watch you kids while they play outside, but you are inside working.
  • Make sure your kids got home from school ok.
  • Keep an eye on contractors.
  • Check in to see how the babysitter is doing.
  • Check in on pets while you are out of town.

These are just a few benefits of interior security cameras, and there are many more.

Do Surveillance Cameras Really Make A Difference?

While we install cameras, and are not a surveillance or security company—we do advocate improving your home security system with security cameras. Recent statistics show that 85% of home burglaries occur when no one is home, and that a visible home security system makes your home 3 times less likely to be breeched. Surprisingly, 60% of all break-ins occur during day light hours, while you and your family are at work or school.

Do Your Current Cameras Need To Be Replaced?

You might already have security cameras, but need to have them replaced. Or maybe, you are displeased with their current wiring or placement. Whatever your needs may be, we can get your new surveillance system installed in the next couple of days.

Many security systems are layered. This includes high-security locks, alarms, and surveillance systems. If you are ready to upgrade the security in your home or business, Telly Wall Install is here to help wire, cable, and place your new cameras as needed. Give us a call today at 770-648-3737 to schedule your appointment!