Before you decide to mount your flat panel TV to the wall, you must consider which bracket is both appropriate for your TV—and your viewing needs. There are a wide variety of mounts to choose from, the most popular of which are discussed below.

Cantilever Mount

The cantilever mount is a popular choice because it securely mounts your new flat panel to the wall or ceiling. It also provides you with a retractable arm and the ability to tilt the screen up and down, and rotate the screen from left to right. This sturdy bracket allows for the most versatility and range of motion. It is sometimes referred to as an articulating bracket or mount.

Low Profile TV Bracket

A low profile bracket is ideal for large and heavy flat panels, but only for the newer, thinner models. This stationary bracket is fixed, and does not allow you to adjust the TV once mounted.

Tilting Wall Bracket

This bracket is similar to a stationary bracket, but allows you to slightly adjust the angle of the screen up and down as needed. This can improve your viewing comfort and pleasure, and help reduce glare when present. Once you adjust the angle, you lock it in place to ensure your flat panel is secure.


A swivel bracket is similar to a low profile mount, but with more range of motion. Swivel mounts come in a variety of swivel capabilities, but for maximum range of motion a cantilever is still your best option.

Slim Flat Panel Bracket

One of the design and décor challenges of the brackets above is that they may leave your flat screen protruding from the wall a bit more than you prefer. With a slim or extra thin bracket, you are able to mount your TV as close to the wall as possible—without sacrificing stability or security. Depending on the mount, you may be able to angle your slim TV just a bit.

These are the basic TV wall mounts you can choose from, each of which is available in a variety of features. To ensure you select the right mount for your needs, reach out to Telly Wall Install today to schedule your free installation consultation.