When setting up a home theater space, few components are as “mission-critical” as the television itself. It can be nice to have storage underneath your TV, but some spaces look more crisp and clean with a simple wall-mounted TV. If you’re wondering how to mount a TV, you’ve come to the right place.

Can I Mount a TV?

The answer to this question will depend greatly on your TV. Most flatscreen TVs nowadays have the proper attachment points for a mounting rig. You will most likely need to purchase the mount separately from your TV; if you do, make sure that the mount you purchase is suited for the medium you’ll be mounting a TV into – and that it can handle the weight of your television.

What Is the Best Way to Mount a TV?

As with any wall-mounted item, a TV should be secured into the most sturdy material available to you within your wall. For example, if you’re working with a traditional drywall-covered wall, you will need to find studs behind the drywall in order to mount your TV properly. Never rely on drywall anchors for something as heavy and expensive as a television!

How to Mount a TV on Different Surfaces


As mentioned above, you won’t be mounting a TV into the drywall itself. To mount your TV to a drywall-finished wall, you’ll be identifying and drilling into the studs. Studs extend from the base of your floor all the way up to the ceiling and are a very sturdy structure that will hold your TV securely. We do not recommend using drywall anchors for a project as expensive as a TV mount; some drywall anchors will claim to hold up enough weight to accommodate your television, but it’s not worth the risk.


Even if your walls are covered with paneling, there’s still a studded frame behind it. You may be tempted to drill anywhere into the paneling, especially if you think it’s solid wood. If you have a hard time finding studs, your best bet may be to remove the paneling on that wall and ensure that you have a solid surface to mount on. Paneling may feel sturdy enough to mount into, but it’s better not to risk it.

Stone or Brick

If you have a mantle or brick wall that you’d like to mount into, you don’t have to worry about studs. However, drilling holes into stone and brick requires special tools. In order to mount your TV to a stone or brick surface, you’ll need masonry bits and masonry screws. Normal bits and screws will not work properly for this application. Follow your mounting kit’s instructions as you would for a normal wall, using the masonry tools instead.

My Studs Aren’t in Good Spots – What Do I Do?

If you’re attempting to mount a television in a specific spot, but your mounting kit won’t line up at exactly the location you want it to with the studs, you may want to consider opening up the wall and reinforcing the studs. This will allow you to place the TV exactly where you want it – and you won’t be tempted to use drywall anchors in some of the anchor points.

To do this, you’ll need to cut out the drywall where you want the TV, add horizontal supports with 2×6 boards and nails or screws, then close the wall back up, marking where your supports are on a fresh or the original piece of drywall. You can use drywall tape and putty to close up the seams, sand them off, and paint to match your wall. Now, you will be able to attach your TV mounting system at any point along that horizon.

TV Mounting Services in Atlanta

If you aren’t sure that you can manage this task by yourself, the professionals here at Telly Wall Install are here to help you. Our team of installation experts can help you determine how best to attach the television to the wall or mantle in the most secure manner. We can also help you set up your TV and integrate it into your sound system properly. For more information on TV mounting or to schedule a consultation, get in touch with the home theater pros at Telly Wall Install today.