We get it! TV glare can literally make or break your home theater viewing experience! Our Atlanta TV experts have five tips for how you can minimize glare to get the best viewing experience in your home theater or living room. And remember, if you need help setting up the home theater of your dreams, we’re available for consultations! So, let’s dig in and get you the answers to your glaring question: how do I minimize glare on my TV?

What Is TV Glare?

Televisions are a smooth, highly-reflective surface, and there’s little you can do about that. Unfortunately, this means that any source of light within your space has the potential to bounce off of the surface of the TV and cause a reflection, or glare, that interrupts your ability to view the entire screen. TV glare is pretty annoying and can make it difficult for you to enjoy that football game you’ve been waiting all year for.

So, what is the home theater enthusiast to do? Luckily, there are a few ways you can mitigate TV glare and minimize glare to get the best viewing experience. Let’s take a look at five tips that you can use to minimize glare in your home theater.

Five Easy Ways to Minimize TV Glare

Tip #1: Place Your Light Sources Thoughtfully

Reflections follow very predictable physics, so you can light up your space by keeping these angles in mind. Keep lamps and ceiling lights in places that will not be able to reflect off of the TV. You can test this as you place your lights; sit in each seat in your home theater to ensure that there is no glare cast from these light sources.

Tip #2: Place Lights Behind the TV

To follow up on and build upon the previous point, placing lights behind the TV is a great solution to this problem. If you really need light in the room while you enjoy your favorite movie or show, a strip of LED lights behind the television itself is guaranteed to not cast a glare on your screen. 

TWI Bonus Tip: Set up your home theater’s lights to be “smart home” connected – this way you can turn the lights off with a simple voice command!

Tip #3: Cover Up the Windows

Windows are an immovable source of glare, unfortunately, but they can be covered. Choose thick, high-quality blackout curtains for the best effect. If you skimp on the curtains, you’ll find that some light leaks through, causing some unwanted TV glare.

Tip #4: Angle Your TV

If you’re still struggling to cut that glare, changing the angle of the TV slightly can make a huge difference. You’ll want to avoid doing this if your TV is lower quality and doesn’t have great viewing angles, but sometimes this is a decent price to pay in exchange for eliminating that awful TV glare.

Tip #5: Put a Film On Your TV Screen

Now, we don’t recommend this as your first line of defense against TV glare; if you really are having trouble minimizing glare with other methods, this can be a last-ditch effort. TV screen films can turn the gloss surface into a matte one, one that can more easily absorb and disperse the reflections without them bouncing directly back at you. 

The problem with these, though, is that they can impact picture quality and be very difficult to remove without damaging your plasma surface.

Telly Wall Install: Our Professionals Can Help You Minimize TV Glare

If your space really just isn’t conducive to TV glare-free enjoyment, it might be time for a home theater re-design. Get in touch with our home theater experts today to find out how we can turn your space into a movie buff and sports fan’s dream!