Professional Satellite TV Installer shows true grit by falling off roof, and then wants to finish the installation!

Now that’s true dedication to the craft, and our hats are off to him!

Apparently the homeowner urged him to receive medical treatment, but not before he tried to wrap up the job.

Understandable – Nobody wants an angry customer going without TV or Internet programming.

From us in Reno NV, to you in Lexington KY, we give our applause.

Read more about the inspirational story in the Lexington KY News…


Satellite TV Installer Falls Off Roof In Lexington

“A satellite TV installer suffered an injury Wednesday morning after he fell off of a roof during an installation in Lexington. The accident happened at about 9 a.m. at a home on Middlesex Court. The installer, whose name has not been released, suffered …”

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Roofs are high, gravity has a knack for pulling things toward it, and well…somebody’s got to install the DISH!

Lend us your thoughts in the comment box below.  We’re happy the Lexington KY satellite installer is safe and sound … and nothing major was hurt.

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