If you are a huge fan of TV series, epic movies, and electronic gadgets, you may have been thinking about setting up a home theater or large “media room”.  In fact, you may have already bought the home theater system of your dreams and can’t wait to install it.  Knowing that an “out of this world” experience is close at hand, you sit down to install everything yourself and spread out all your tools for the task.  Unfortunately, however, you are flummoxed and you sit scratching your head. There’s no need to feel defeated; electronics and hardware to support them are notoriously difficult to assemble. Don’t hesitate to call a professional home theater installer in Atlanta and take yourself out of this DIY nightmare!

Why Hire a Professional Installer in Atlanta?

Save Time and Money:
Professional installers have the necessary tools and experience to set up all of your equipment. Moreover, fixtures need to be installed aptly and the wiring guidelines followed strictly. You wouldn’t want your expensive electronic equipment short-circuited due to faulty wiring!  The team of professionals at Telly Wall Install has many years of experience in wiring and electrical installation; we’re here to help you get the job done efficiently and properly.

Avoid DIY Frustration:
Doing everything yourself without the appropriate skills has the potential to ruin your whole system (which you probably just spent plenty of money on). While it is possible that you are able to install everything properly without a hitch, there are numerous issues to be taken care of while installing such a major project. By hiring the services of a professional home theater installer, you will save yourself from the frustrations that are bound to arise from a home theater installation.

Overcome Placement Confusion:
An experienced installation expert will help you identify the proper locations for all of the different components of your home theater system. We will advise you on the optimal placement for your speakers and subwoofers; we can also perform measurements to optimize the viewing distance.  This will help viewers to more comfortably watch the screen and avoid eye strain.

Things to Keep in Mind
Start by defining your budget: which type of home theater best suits your budget? A 50″ wall-mounted TV screen is more affordable, but if you want something larger, consider buying a projector. Additionally, you’ll want to think about soundproofing and acoustics. Soundproofing your home theater is imperative if you want to optimize the sound quality for your space.  Here at Telly Wall Install in Atlanta, we recommend that you purchase the best quality electronic equipment you can afford. Good quality speakers and smart TV screens or projectors will take your home theater experience to another level.

Who Should You Hire? 
If you have a small-scale home theater project with just some wiring and mounting a screen, then it can easily be a successful DIY project. However, if you are planning on elaborate seating, lighting, and other top-end features, a professional installer will save you time and needless frustration. You can visit the CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) website for a roster of individual home theater installers near you.

If you are located in the Atlanta area, Telly Wall Install is more than happy to go over your project with you and lend a hand!  Simply explain your vision, hardware, and other ideas to us and we’ll help you set up the home theater of your dreams!