Living in a big city can be convenient, but it also has its downsides.  If you have a family with children, you’ve likely considered installing a security system at some point; however, is it really worth the effort and time it would take to get everything wired up?  We’ve entered the digital age, and the past year has seen an explosion in smart home devices – namely smart home security.

The perks of these devices becoming more popular is that the demand has driven the prices down.  Where you might have spend nearly a thousand dollars to wire your home for a central security system before, you can now spend half as much for a system that is accessible from anywhere with a wi-fi connection.  Now, all you have to worry about is installing the pieces; where should they all go?

All Entrances
We figured this one was a given, but you may not have thought to put a camera on the bulkhead.  Any location that gives moderately easy access to the inside of your home should have a camera.  Secure windows with alarms that set off upon opening; there’s no reason to put a camera on every window, as that would get expensive quite quickly.  The goal is to catch a perpetrator when they are trying to enter your home, and they will likely first try the doors on the outside of your home.  Secure all of these places with cameras so that you can get a good mugshot of anyone who attempts to break and enter.

Main Hallways and Stairwells
Inside your home, you should place cameras thoughtfully; select locations that are traversed frequently, like the stairwells and hallways to different sections of the house.  When you are away, you will be able to keep tabs on the pets or kids and make sure all of your valuables are safe.  Having cameras that view the house from multiple angles can help create a clear picture for investigation, should anything happen in your home.

Common Gathering Areas
Security cameras aren’t meant to ruin anyone’s fun – they’re there to keep your loved ones safe.  No one likes to hear stories about the babysitter stealing, but it does happen.  Whether the security system simply acts as a deterrent or catches someone in an illegal act, it has done a great job of protecting what is yours.  Place cameras in areas that everyone congregates; these will see the most traffic and can help you document stolen valuables for insurance claims.

The Driveway and Garage
While you may be tempted to skimp on cameras for these areas, it’s actually one of the most important places to have a camera.  With cameras in these locations, you’ll be able to capture license plates, the faces of accomplices, and the movement of objects to and from your house.  Additionally, you can monitor who your kids have over when you aren’t home, and what they might be up to in your absence.  Again, the goal is everyone’s safety; have a discussion with your kids and be open about your security system so that they can help you monitor it properly.

The Back and Front Yard
There are a variety of reasons why cameras for your yard might be useful, but the main reason is that it can alert you to a security breach before it happens.  For example, you’ll probably want to know that someone is lurking around your home before they get the gall to test your entrances.  Security cameras are very good at detecting suspicious movement, and you can even set them up to send notifications when something shady is going on.

Security cameras are, dare we say, a must if you’re living in a big city like Atlanta.  Here at Telly Wall Install, we know how frustrating it can be to install multiple devices and optimize camera angles.  If you have any questions about getting your system up and running – or if you’d like us to do it for you – don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of hardware installation experts!